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Onboarding remote hires and completing Form I-9 is one of the most difficult problems facing employers today. How do you complete Form I-9 for a new hire that you never see, and when federal regulations require a face-to-face meeting with your employee?

Form I-9 Verification for Remote Employees

Our verification service for remote employees connects your new hire with a vetted, experienced professional to complete Form I-9.

  • We connect your new hire with an experienced professional from our national network
  • Our flexible pricing keeps your cost as low as possible!


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Service FAQ

  1. Request a quote. We will provide our lowest rate, based on the new hire’s zip code, by email. The quoted rate is guaranteed for 72 hours;
  2. Accept our quote by clicking the “Accept” link in the quote email. You will send us contact info for the new hire via a secure form. You can use the same form to send other employment-related documents to your new employee;
  3. We will connect your new hire with a vetted, experienced professional from our nationwide network of Approved Service Providers;
  4. If you select return of documents by mail, our service provider will return the signed, original Form I-9 and copies of identification documents to an address that you designate. You can also select faster electronic return (file download) or you can elect to have your employee return the documents.
  5. If your new employer has made it your responsibility to find someone to verify your form, we can help! Request a free quote and we’ll give you the best possible rate.
Yes, we serve all 50 states. However, we cannot guarantee that we can complete your remote employee Form I-9 verification in the timeframe desired.

In small municipalities and rural areas, it is often very difficult to locate and approve a qualified Approved Service Provider. Even if we do have a service provider in our network for that area, the lack of competition between several providers may result in a higher verification cost.

While the majority of states place no restrictions on the completion of Form I-9, some states are more difficult to operate in than others; especially for the Notaries in our service network. For example, the Texas Secretary of State seems to restrict or prohibit the completion of Form I-9 by Notaries Public (we disagree). In California, notaries are prohibited from completing Form I-9 unless they are also bonded and approved as an Immigration Consultant.

As you probably know, your “Authorized Representative” can be anyone whom you expressly approve to complete the form for you. If we do not have an Approved Service Provider in your new hire’s area, we can work with your new employee to identify your representative. And we’ll walk them through the process so that the form is completed correctly.

If your new employer has sent you a packet of forms and told you to find someone to verify your Form I-9, we can help! You can refer your new boss to our site or, if you are responsible for the cost of the verification, you can request a free, no-obligation quote. Click here!